It is always “might”. There is no certainty in trading. Most Premium members for a reason focus on SPOT only. If You decide otherwise – use no more than 10% of Your TOTAL portfolio.

I think this is a good way for me to continue this channel without being 100% crypto. If you have some opportunities or ideas, I’ll create a workshop where we will gather and discuss ways to prepare for the expected upcoming financial crisis. Or… when the opportunity arises… that guy that has to sell his stuff, he won’t trade you for car, he wants only cash. I believe we are on the verge of financial crisis worse than in 2008. You wondered at times, how many D Man there is… by the amount of text I wrote, by the amount of around the clock presence you felt here.

blockchain whispers

You do not want to buy at peak. BCW has great potential. With some coins which have small liquidity we might have great influence on price. It is better to buy unnoticed.

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Check at least basic facts. Be sure what are You entering in. If buying on Uniswap – be sure to check contract address and gas fees. All most important informations are given in SIGNAL. How to enter, when to enter, etc.

Congratulations on becoming Blockchain Whispers Premium! We’re happy to have a new family member in here. Let’s begin with few important posts from D Man.

Blocklords is among such games that stands out for its quality. With Blocklords, you can enjoy … The post Blocklords – How Can You Earn Money Playing This P2E Game? The U.S. will likely enter a recession in the next six to nine months, JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon predicted Monday. Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase, predicted on Monday that the United States will most likely enter a recession within the next six to nine months.

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Bitcoin lovers…who switched to right wing politic 4 freedom… I am doing now one month crypto faucet apps of Mr. P for basically free. So you witness yourself before committing to anything.

The easiest official way is to go to and type in coin name in the search box on the right. Or use Coins page, it has much more interesting filters that may give you edge you are looking for. Then you find the coin info with the official contract listed. Same you can do when you want to know where is it listed. You click exchanges and you get hyperlinks directly to that pair on exchange you like. Use BCW Swap widget to easily and securely exchange your coins right here.

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And I don’t mean crypto… the mostly stretched people living high will start selling their assets and nobody will be buying them causing cascade in price drops… the opportunities will arise.. And even if the war goes to shit and you need to move somewhere, you’ll do so more easily if you’re liquid. T disappear, they just realized, it’s too established for anyone to believe their bullshit. Because at that times I was stressed shitload.

If you ask “when next signal”, “I hope”, “just this one if it is correct”… You’re doing it wrong. However, you’re not here on picnic. You have some shit to do, starting now.

blockchain whispers

My principle #3 is once you have a direction, keep focus on achieving it. If I am to do something, I am to leave some positive impact on people. There I am, in a jacuzzi, with smoking hot Tasha.. I did that because my life transformed one day when we were partying with Natashas. I felt that red tape, forms to fill, etc. prevented me from doing the actual work and doing something amazing for the people which I really did. I came to crypto, I knew nothing about it, and not much later I was doing well trading for myself, and later sharing my insights with you.

Learn from their experience. Be productive and help others as well. You are not alone in crypto. Together we are strong.

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It’s your coins and your decisions alone. I get hyper over something. I might even say “will”.

It includes 70+ liquidity pools from 1inch, Uniswap, SushiSwap, … Don’t forget about your best personal assistant in the crypto space – BlockchainWhispers Portfolio. You will find it in the navigation bar.

Even family relationships, because they remained weak for the bad acting family member or a relative… it destroyed so many lives, so many high potentials… maybe you find yourself in it as well. Me, by GIVING away my previous business … proved to me it doesn’t hold me. I look at the money like score in the game… but unlike standard guy who craves for riches, I was happy to always use everything I have for something I believe in.

  • We’re happy to have a new family member in here.
  • To contribute and care about Blockchain Whispers premium brothers and family.
  • Other than that, enjoy here.
  • And prepare yourself for some nerve-testing periods…
  • The SPEED under which people started pushing other people to put their masks over the nose is staggering, and frightening.
  • Legacy markets continue to negatively impact Bitcoin price, but a positive sign is that the bulls have not allowed BTC to retest its June low.
  • If You still have problem with understanding it – ask fellow Brothers in Premium chat.

There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data. When it comes to gambling online, one of the biggest concerns for many players… The post Ensuring the fairness of a crypto casino with provably fair crypto casinos appeared first on CoinJournal. XRP has been outperforming other major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. USTC shot up 57% shortly after a Terra developer published a proposal calling for the community to work on bringing the former stablecoin back to its $1 pegand keep it…

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You alone control your capital. It is up to You if You will use the signal or not. You will NEVER invest all-in in any particular coin. Every signal I give comes with a RISK. And when we talk about risk, it’s imperative you are in agreement with… Reading with understanding is underestimated how important it is.

Lazy doesn’t get you far in life. You have an edge here. You are highly recommended to use it. 1) never post contract address in chat, instead help people find it.

SEC Claims All of Ethereum Falls Under US Jurisdiction – Decrypt

SEC Claims All of Ethereum Falls Under US Jurisdiction.

Posted: Mon, 19 Sep 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

By having 99% of the people who loved what we do… or 95% or whatever the number, and a small minority… of haters which are there by the law of numbers. That brings me to principle #4. I reinvested everything back in the business. This principle is, if you believe in something, and you see a final vision for it, don’t criple your vision by taking short-sighted rewards before it’s full fruition.

Set limit orders for smaller portions at different levels. Do not enter the trade when extremely late and signaled coin made already significant movement upwards. The managing partner of cryptocurrency hedge fund Morgan Creek Digital is not backing down on his big Bitcoin prediction. In a new Altcoin Daily interview, crypto trader Austin Arnold asks Mark Yusko if his prediction from last year that Bitcoin could hit $250,000 in half a decade still stands. According to the hedge fund […] The post Hedge Fund Veteran Mark Yusko Doubles Down on $250,000 Bitcoin Prediction Despite Steep Correction – Here’s Why appeared first on The Daily Hodl.

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We do the brotherly one… To contribute and care about Blockchain Whispers premium brothers and family. Other than that, enjoy here.

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If you missed out, I hope you will pay more attention next time realizing BCW is real and here for you. You expect this news to have no important effect on the price. Welcome to the fastest, filtered, intelligent news feed from all over the crypto world – by Blockchain Whispers. And prepare yourself for some nerve-testing periods… Periods of idiots bragging how they made money on BitConnect lol or such kind of shit. 2) never post your contact info or any contact info.

You can do really well. You can do really bad. I believe, as many, many, many Premiums will vouch for on the Premium chat… It depends mainly on you, your approach and how many mistakes YOU make. No links of any kind or official sites of coin or big ass, verifiable trustworthy things.

I risk only what I can. The European Commission is interested in using an automated system to monitor and track the Ethereum network. This week a big move will happen in crypto. I’d really suggest you to have Mr. P on your side especially now when you can have him almost free for one month.

The truth is, people who you’d behead are maybe not even 1) chosing the war 2) wanting to fight in it or are brain washed into having wrong reality or reasoning why the war is happening. Anyway… Principle #6 – do what you believe in, do it honestly and with time, the destructive bodies weaken and disappear. Brother, the destruction is faster than construction. To blow a building takes minutes vs months to build it. However, since the nature of destructive people is to be short lived… they if they don’t succeed in a short period of time, they give up. If You don’t understand something, read it again.