Patch Panel – wall or rack mounted collection of data connections where all of the network media converges. These rooms are generally some form of telecommunications closet in a facility and it is used to connect all of the different types of incoming and outgoing media types on the LAN. The main Patch Panel room will often be the connection point for the LAN to be connected to the WAN and / or the internet.

  • You’ve realized that getting into the IT sector is a good way to go because as the information age marches on, the demand for knowledgeable professionals in this dynamic field will only intensify dramatically.
  • Internal users using administrative phones to call employees in other company locations or PSTN destinations, and perform basic actions such as call transfers and dialing into conferences.
  • Examples of its use include adding and deleting a static route.
  • A RAS server is a specialized computer which aggregates multiple communication channels together.

The exam is currently priced at $329, and is recommended for people with 9+ months of networking experience. Course management, reporting, and student learning tools backed by great support. But as you well know, passing these certification exams is never a walk in the park. For instance, without a CompTIA Network + certification, it can be very hard to climb up the ranks to be in charge of IT infrastructure covering configuring, troubleshooting, and managing networks. One of the primary purposes of modern computer networks is to connect people. People around the world can connect, communicate, and exchange ideas via the internet.

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C. The Data Link layer is responsible for encapsulating IP packets into frames and for providing logical network addresses. The cable connecting devices to the hub wore out, and switches were cheaper than new cable. I tell you no lies—learning every bit of the material in this book is going to require applying yourself with a good measure of discipline. So try to set aside the same time period every day to study, and select a comfortable and quiet place to do so. If you work hard, you will be surprised at how quickly you learn this material. Specifically note any questions that confuse you, and study the corresponding sections of the book again. And don’t just skim these questions—make sure you understand each answer completely.

  • The maximum number of hops allowed for RIP is 15 which effectively limits the size of networks that RIP can support.
  • Trunking – VLANs are local to each switch’s database, and VLAN information is not passed between switches.
  • Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection (CSMA/CD) helps packets that are transmitted simultaneously from different hosts share bandwidth evenly.

B. Firewalls help provide perimeter network security by allowing or denying connections and types of traffic in or out of the network. D. EIGRP is called a hybrid routing protocol because it uses the characteristics of both distance vector and link state routing protocols. However, EIGRP can only be run on Cisco routers and is not vendor neutral. The new CompTIA objectives mention BGP as a hybrid routing protocol. If you follow the steps listed here and study with the review questions, practice exams, electronic flashcards, and all the written labs, you would almost have to try to fail the CompTIA Network+ exam. However, studying for the Network+ exam is like training for a marathon—if you don’t go for a good run every day, you’re not likely to finish very well.

CompTIA Network+ N10-007 Cert Guide, First Edition

Understand TCP/IP addressing, core protocols and troubleshooting tools. Know basic network terminology and functions (such as Ethernet, TCP/IP, switches, routers). The Network+ Certification Study Guide will teach you the fundamental principles of installing, configuring, and troubleshooting network technologies and help you to progress a career in network administration. We’ve rounded up the top Network+ study guides and presented them above. For IT Professionals, the Network+ Certifications is a great way to signal to current and prospective employers that you can design, deploy, operate and maintain networks.

Prep for three CompTIA certifications with this $30 bundle – Engadget

Prep for three CompTIA certifications with this $30 bundle.

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This is a brand-new and updated flashcard program to help you prepare for the latest CompTIA Network+ exam, and it is a really great study tool. Do not skip these written exercises because they directly map to the CompTIA objectives and what you’ve got to have nailed down to meet them. Take the assessment test immediately following this introduction. (The answers are at the end of the test, but no peeking!) It’s okay if you don’t know any of the answers—that’s what this book is for. Carefully read over the explanations for any question you get wrong, and make note of the chapters where that material is covered.

Free CompTIA Network+ Study Guide

The modification can involve changing addresses or ports, inviting more participants, adding or deleting media streams, etc. File Transfer Protocol – Application Layer protocol in the Internet Protocol Suite that uses port 20 for data connections and listens on port 21. Often FTP is set up for anonymous access for the putting and getting of files. Even when user name identification is required and password authentication is request to systems using FTP it is done via clear text. RAS – RAS refers to any combination of hardware and software to enable remote access to a network.

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When a packet is being sent, there is “latent” time, when the computer that sent the packet waits for confirmation that the packet has been received. Latency and bandwidth are the two factors that determine your network connection speed. Latency in a packet-switched network is measured either one-way , or round-trip CompTIA NET+ Certification Lessons (the one-way latency from source to destination plus the one-way latency from the destination back to the source). Round-trip latency is more often quoted, because it can be measured from a single point. Note that round trip latency excludes the amount of time that a destination system spends processing the packet.


Configure and manage users, groups, and shared resources in a simple SOHO network. Take a look inside the study guide and download the table of contents as well as a content section for free. For those shorter on time, or just needing a quick review, the Exam Cram book is a safe bet for touching on all the most critical aspects. The CompTIA Network+ Exam Cram is another good option for abbreviated review. The name says it all, if you’re looking for a little last minute cramming, this is what you need! Through a narrowly tailored focus, this book helps you drill down on topics where you need the most help in the days leading up to the test.

  • In most cases, routers do not need all of the information regarding where the originating source of the data transmission was.
  • This might include source and destination IP address, UDP or TCP ports, and other details about the connection such as the session initiation, type of data transfer and so forth.
  • Carefully read over the explanations for any question you get wrong, and make note of the chapters where that material is covered.
  • A really cool thing about working in IT is that it’s constantly evolving, so there are always new things to learn and fresh challenges to master.

Those of you looking to pass this test the first time around should take advantage of the practice tests above and decide from there if you need additional study resources. By passing this exam, you’ll receive a CompTIA Network+ certification. This guide will provide you with some CompTIA Network+ practice exams and other resources to help you along the way. I’ve just uploaded the CompTIA Network+ Simplified study guide to our website. It’s the previous version of the exam so you will want to supplement some parts and check on the very latest standards for WiFi and cables but it should get you 80% prepared.